A Little Horseplay

by Sidney Barron

Friday of last weekend, I got to hang out with some friends. Then on Saturday, I was supposed to move the horses to the dry lot so I could mow the pasture. Horses have to stay off of cut grass for more than 2 days because it is not good for them to ingest the grass clippings.

We call it a dry lot because it does not have much grass. When I walked into the dry lot to make sure there were not too many thorns or big rocks they could hurt themselves on, I saw a huge clump of thorns around a fallen tree. I really just wanted to leave it because I knew how much work it would be, but I knew I had to clean it out 😦 .

The first thing I started with was cutting the ends of the thorns out of the ground so they would not come back….. After a long, difficult few hours, I decided there were too many, at this point I was sweating and my legs were bleeding. So I thought!!!!!!!!!!!! ( usually that’s not good)… I went back to the house and got some diesel fuel, a blow torch, and a rake. Then I went back down to the briar patch thinking I was a genius! I was just going to burn it all up…

Soooooo, I raked as much as I could into one pile, poured on the diesel fuel, and lit it! It definitely burned… I thought I was done. I had to stay down there in the briar patch and keep piling the briars so they would all burn up. I was literally on fire! It was soooooooo hot!!!! After about 4 hours of dealing with thorns, I decided that I had done enough for one day and went back to the house(the fire was really small now… so it was ok to be left). I finished my work the next day! I still have so many scratches on my legs today….