Stories in the Garden

By Kai Wimmer

Twice a year we have to weed, till and replant our gardens. It’s hot, sweaty, tiring and painful. You could step in an ant pile, get sunburnt or hit yourself in the head with a shovel– it’s that dangerous! You might even step in dog poop, stub your toe on a rock or get eaten alive by mosquitos!


Like I said, very painful but in the end you have an amazing variety of fruit and vegetables. In the main garden we grow:  tomatoes, okra and watermelon; beets, cucumbers and cantaloupe, squash, eggplant and peas. In the front garden we grow flowers and potatoes and a few herbs.

One morning in the front garden my Dad was looking for arrowheads. He decided to give up and feed the chickens. He opened the chicken coop door and that’s when he saw it: a 4 in. x 1 in. quartz arrowhead. He hurried home to show us his new find!


About a year later I walked down to the big garden and it was full of healthy plants- it looked beautiful. But after we went on vacation and a few weeks had passed, everything was gone. It looked like Paul Bunyan had come to destroy our farm.

I asked our neighbor Will what had happened and he said that they had worked on the garden to get ready for the next season without me. What a relief!

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