The Making of Something Great

“I thought clay must feel happy in the good potter’s hands.” – Janet Fitch

Over this past year, the ladies on the farm have found a new love… pottery. The idea of being an actual “potter” has been a dream for Windy and Tiffany for many years. It all started a year ago when they took some classes at a local studio. They learned the basics and eventually moved to the wheel were they learned how to center their pieces and pull up a small tumbler or mini-mug.

Soon they found that their weekly hobby had become a place of sanctuary for them. They would spend hours at the studio learning to build bigger pieces, finding out which glazes they liked best and all the while sensing the peace and solitude of the practice– it was like therapy for them.

After months of creating projects they are beginning to sell what they’ve made! The barn literally looks like a pottery studio with every table covered with incredible pieces and of course mud slopped everywhere. There are 4 signature series with different textures and glazes: Woodland series is the green/blue colored pieces; Harvest is the bright amber and orange colored pieces; Prairie is the lighter earth-tone with light speckles and the River Bank series is the lighter blue.

Wild Branch Pottery is currently taking orders for the Holiday season– contact us for a custom order and pricing or go onto our Etsy account for current inventory.

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