About Us


There are no coincidences in life. When our two families moved from Florida and Alabama in 2003 to Rock Hill, South Carolina we had no idea of the story that would unfold. Though both of our families spent most of our life in cities and suburbs, rural life on a farm had always beat in each of our hearts.

Of course, we didn’t exactly know what we would encounter when we finally found our plot of ground. As a matter of fact, the property we now call home wasn’t even for sale when we started looking! There were many defining chapters in the story of our move to the country: from running through a pasture of broom-straw to digging wells and learning to growing blueberries; a fight with cancer, broken arms and broken hearts.

And with each new season, we see how God turns the soil of our heart and plants seeds of hope and promise.

img_6455                                                 Will, Windy, Mollie (18) and Sidney (16)

img_6453                                 Nick, Tiffany, Kaison (10), Finneas (8), Henley (5), Haven (2)